B is for Bully DVD (50 minutes) and Educational Resource Pack

‘B is for Bully’ DVD (50 minutes) and Educational Resource Pack


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‘B is for Bully’, winner of 3 respected film awards is aimed at ages 12 – 18, a sensitive, powerful and moving drama / mockumentary and chronicles a year in the life of school pupil Paige.

Set in a modern secondary school, Paige inadvertently becomes the target of rumours, cruel words and actions. Her retreat, social -media, soon becomes toxic, very quickly. Despite her best efforts to stand up for herself and rise above the situation, and support from family and friend Adam, the devastating effects of cyber-bullying are revealed, for all concerned.

The storyline will take viewers through a range of emotions but most importantly help them realise the importance of empathy, kindness and the need to use social media responsibly.

The film gives a unique insight into how it feels to be bullied.

The message is clear, relevant and poignant. The carefully crafted script reflects the responsibility we deem necessary to depict this subject.

Once online, words can’t be taken back, so why risk being that one person, who sends that one text, comment, Like or Tweet that pushes someone else too far, makes them lose hope?

B is for Bully will –

  • Challenges the idea that bullying should be tolerated and accepted as ‘Just a part of growing up’
  • Contains characters and situations, young people can identify with and relate to
  • Urges schools to be places with an emphasis on the idea that’s it’s all right to be different.
  • Helps viewers see that silence helps the bully gain more power over the target.
  • Inspire adults to listen to young people about bullying.
  • Highlights the responsibility of using social media
  • Shows the devastating effects of cyber-bullying.
  • Encourages kindness.
  • The DVD Is accompanied by a detailed resource pack linked to the national Curriculum
  • Perfect for use within PSHE, English, Drama and across the curriculum.
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