My Life As A Bully DVD (40 mins) and Educational Resource Pack

‘My Life as a Bully’ DVD (40 mins) and Educational Resource Pack


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Combining education with entertainment and balancing wit with knowledge ‘My life as a Bully’ is a 40 minute drama / mockumentary that delivers a powerful anti-bullying message with the most potent tool going, humour.

With an introduction by the UK Victims’ Commissioner, Baroness Newlove, set in a modern day secondary school the storyline makes a real and lasting impact on the issue of bullying

It is the story of Booker, nicknamed as of her love of books and her status as one of the many silent targets of a particularly nasty school bully ‘Bulldog’ and his gang.

Booker may appear passive, but she is no fool. When she witnesses, the bullying increasing she naturally turns to books for guidance. When the temporary relief librarian suggests she takes a copy of ‘Bully For You’, although uncertain, she takes it.

The events that follow change the face of the school forever.

My Life As A Bully will –

  • Generate discussion and change attitudes towards bullying
  • Show the impact of being bullied and of being a bystander
  • Illustrate the consequences of being a bully
  • Empower young people about the importance of speaking out against injustices
  • Help viewers see that silence helps the bully gain more power over the target
  • Highlight that it is not good to stand by and watch or encourage bullying behaviour
  • Encourage uniting together, and be empowered so speak out against bullying
  • Acknowledge that it takes courage to speak up, but be courageous – as people want to help.
  • Convey the message that no one deserves to be bullied
  • Urge bullies to stop and think how their behaviour affects other people
  • Assure adults that they can make a difference, by creating an environment that’s caring, positive and supportive
  • Inspire adults to listen to young people, about bullying
  • The film is accompanied by a comprehensive resource pack, linked to the National Curriculum, full of helpful information, valuable lesson plans, discussion starters and classroom activities
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